The Increasing Demand for Work From Home Employees

Covid has been a dark cloud for humanity. For some, it has had a silver lining that will keep shining.

When the pandemic hit last year, it was clear we could not keep commuting to the city.

Cramming onto trains and buses and herding ourselves into lifts had become dangerous. When working from home became a necessity rather than a choice, everyone got used to it very quickly.

Staying in pyjamas all day was a dream come true. For many, the pandemic opened doors they have been knocking on for years.


Knock Knock who’s home?

Stay-at-home mums, people living with disabilities, the chronically ill and the elderly all have so much to contribute to the workforce. Finding the right job to fit into their lives and their needs has been challenging.

Now the pandemic has delivered opportunities to work remotely and safely from their homes. Work hours are now flexible, and accessibility is no longer a workplace issue. Your home is safe. Your workstation is set up to cater to your individual needs. Your support needs are met in the privacy, accessibility, and comfort of your home.

If you can only work a few hours a day, you are not adding a 2-hour return commute to those valuable work hours. It’s a win for all. Many employers are finally understanding there is a motivated and highly competent workforce they have not had access to before.

AimBig Employment has recognised this niche and is helping people upskill for work-from-home roles.


Everybody is anywhere!

Employers have realised there are no longer limitations on where employees live. Working from home has created a workforce that is mobile and still productive. The advantage of this situation is people don’t necessarily leave the company if they move cities or states.

A good employee is an asset. Changing employees is costly and time-consuming. Working remotely means you can be minding your grandchildren or sitting in a café and still be productive.

Employers are learning that if a worker is happy, they are more productive.


What’s the next new normal?

Going forward there will need to be some work/life balance addressed. When, or how that will look, remains to be seen. Many people who live alone may welcome the return to the office environment. Some may want a couple of days a week in the office to attend meetings and leave Zoom in the past.

There are also many workers who need the “office hours” to know when to log off. For some, work has become all-consuming during lockdowns which is an unhealthy but real side-effect.

Until Covid is managed, and the pandemic is over, workplace safety is the priority. Working from home is here to stay and employers are reaping the benefits.

Although Covid has taken so much from so many, it has in its own way given back. Working from home, or remotely has given a new perspective to employers and to employees. Many have made choices they wouldn’t have considered possible or viable before the pandemic.

If you need help navigating any of these changes, or you feel you’re ready for change, AimBig Employment is ready to help.

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