Mental Health

If you have a Mental Health condition, you may find there are more barriers to not only getting a job but also keeping it. As one of the largest mental health employment support specialists within the Government’s Disability Employment Services (DES) program, we’re uniquely placed to give you the support you need.

Take a bigger view

Since 01 July 2021, we’ve found employment for thousands of people with mental illness and co-existing physical conditions. You’ll find this is because we focus purely on you. Our 360° philosophy revolves around all aspects of your life, its unique challenges, as well as its barriers, seen and unseen. Taking a more complete view means we can provide you the support that makes a bigger difference. 

Equipment you may need

Through our personalised Work Wellness sessions for workforce reintegration and wellbeing support, our specialist Job Coaches with the support of Rehab Management psychologists will:

  • Build your confidence, resilience and routine
  • Help you develop better relationships
  • Assist you in improving the tasks and activities of daily living

With our MyDirection program, you’ll find bespoke modules to help if you are dealing with mental health challenges, whether that be anxiety or depression.

With AimBig, you’ll discover that we are well connected at a local community level, so we work with other mental health providers and your doctor if needed. Every step of the way, we’re here to make a bigger difference in supporting you.


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