Te Arai Evans’ New Beginning in Caloundra with Support from AimBig

In Caloundra, Te Arai Evans’ transition from her previous role to a fulfilling new career path exemplifies the positive impact of AimBig Employment’s Disability Employment Services program. Facing the need for a career change, Te Arai brought not only her challenges but also her remarkable drive and positive attitude to her first meeting with job coach Gary George. 

Gary’s immediate recognition of Te Arai’s determination set the stage for a tailored job search strategy. Together, they crafted a competitive resume, and after thorough discussions about potential career paths, they identified the retail sector, specifically bakeries, as an optimal direction for Te Arai’s employment journey. 

The proactive approach taken by Gary in marketing Te Arai’s skills led to a promising opportunity with Bakers Delight, where an interview was swiftly arranged. It was during this interview that Te Arai, in a move of transparency, disclosed her pregnancy. This disclosure did not deter her prospects; instead, it led to an unexpected and highly supportive response. Peter from Bakers Delight not only offered Te Arai a position but went further to tailor a senior role to suit her needs on a casual basis, complete with a flexible roster to accommodate her pregnancy. Furthermore, Bakers Delight’s commitment to support maternity leave ensured that Te Arai could look forward to continuing her career journey with them. 

The support extended by Bakers Delight, offering flexible rostering and shorter shifts, exemplifies the kind of employer empathy and flexibility that can significantly impact employees facing personal challenges. Te Arai’s story is a shining example of how AimBig Employment’s Disability Employment Services program facilitates meaningful employment opportunities, adapting to individual circumstances and fostering supportive workplace environments. Her journey with AimBig and Bakers Delight in Caloundra highlights the importance of understanding, flexibility, and the right opportunities in creating successful employment outcomes for people with disability.

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