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Are you looking to make a real difference in people’s lives? Support those with a disability, injury, health conditions or unemployed due to life situations to find their next job? Nod when you hear our purpose statement “Empowering lives together”. All the while working in a dynamic, award-winning company with big ambitions? If you are, welcome to AimBig.

We deliver Disability Employment Services (DES) and Workforce Australia. Discover more below.

AimBig's Indigenous Participant Plan

Painting of The Arriba Journey.

The painting tells a story of The Arriba Group.

The middle symbol is the main symbol of the painting, which represents The Arriba Group. The surrounding red symbols represent the other enterprises under The Arriba Group, Rehab Management, AimBig Employment and LiveBig.

The white symbols around these represents the men and woman of the Arriba Group, alongside with the footprints. These represents everyone’s journey that are apart of or have been a part of The Arriba Group. Marcella’s, the workers and the customer/client’s journey.

The blue arms represent the connection of the enterprises to The Arriba Group and shows combined, they’re all one.

The brown and orange dots together represents that no matter of the difference of a person, we are all the same.

Throughout the painting it shows colours that make The Arriba Group, red and grey being two of the main colours.

Painting of The Arriba Journey
- By Artists Dawn-Natalie Brown

Life at AimBig Employment

Rewarding Yes. Collaborative Yes. Dynamic, a big Yes. If you want to grow in a working environment, where you can fulfil your potential, then check out our perks, culture, induction program, and vacancies below.

Our Purpose

"Empowering lives together"

Our Mission

"To be Australia’s most progressive people-centric company to achieve the best outcomes for all clients."

Our Vision

"To be the number one market leader in employment services and provider of choice for our customers and people."

Our values

Our values underpin how we deliver services, communicate and define our roles as representatives of the company.

  • Customer-focused

    We deliver exceptional customer service for all those we deal with.

  • People-passionate

    Putting people first. People are the core of everything we do.

  • Quality-orientated

    Our solutions measure and deliver proven outcomes.

  • Innovation-driven

    We challenge and disrupt to drive purpose-driven innovation.

  • Dynamic and agile
    Dynamic and agile

    Forward-thinking keeps us ahead of the pack; we build fast, learn fast, adapt fast.

Proud to be an inclusive employer badge.

The Arriba Group, which Aimbig Employment is part of, has been recognised as an Inclusive Employer by the Diversity Council Australia Ltd. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to creating a workplace that welcomes and celebrates diversity. We believe everyone deserves to feel valued and respected, and we are proud to be recognised for our efforts to make this a reality.


Above and beyond salary, we want our people to feel appreciated and valued for their hard work. That’s why you’ll find we’ve implemented a variety of employee perks for you to take advantage of. Find out more about our perks, culture, induction program, and vacancies below.

  • Flexibility

    We give you flexibility in working arrangements, times and locations, plus:

    • YouDays – Four additional leave days per year to focus on health and wellbeing, family, friends or just ‘you’
    • 1 day to give back – a volunteer day to support your local charity or organisation of your choice
    • Ability to move locations – need to move, we support you
    • Paid parental leave – real baby time
    • Paws leave – a bit of ‘fur baby’ time
  • career-growth-svg

    Career Growth

    We offer structured career progression and succession planning with formal training along the way to help you achieve your goals.

  • Remuneration & Benefits

    Our employees are offered:

    • Attractive salary packaging
    • Novated leases
    • Incentive plans and bonus structures
    • Access to your pay as you earn it (Humanforce Thrive)
    • Recruitment referral bonuses, supporting our objective of hiring the best
  • Rewards & Recognition

    Here’s just a brief look at some of our rewards and recognition schemes:

    • Employee recognition
    • Annual and quarterly value recognition rewards
    • Peer to peer recognition through our Health and Wellbeing platform Gracias
    • Work anniversary awards
  • health-wellbeing-svg

    Health & Wellbeing

    The health and wellbeing of our staff is of utmost importance, so we say thanks with a benefits program called Gracias.

    • Employee discounts including access to discount on shopping, petrol and groceries
    • Employee wellbeing – courses ranging from mindset coaching, healthy recipes, to exercise videos
    • Personal Financial support – free seminars and information on topics ranging from your superannuation, your credit health to buying your first home
    • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
  • Learning & Development

    We also encourage learning and development, so you are continuously making progress in your career. Our program includes:

    • A detailed induction period
    • An annual PD allowance
    • Quarterly two-way reviews
    • An annual professional development allowance


Maintaining a positive and collaborative culture is why our staff love working at AimBig Employment. We embrace diversity in all forms as we believe it creates stronger teams. We maintain a motivated and focused way of working, all while getting a few laughs in too. 

Don’t take our word for it – hear from some of our team members about working at AimBig Employment.

Meet our AimBig People

Induction and Onboarding

Starting at a new workplace can be challenging. Whether you’re pivoting from one industry into employment services or are taking on a new opportunity, we mindfully prioritise our newbies to feel comfortable and welcomed into our workplace. Our bespoke corporate induction is a collaborative program and includes the opportunity to meet with senior leaders in the business. A wide range of topics are covered to provide new starters the foundational skills and knowledge they need to kick-start their career at AimBig.