At AimBig, we’re bigger than employment – and we want you to be too. But, what’s that all about?

To begin with, as a Disability Employment Services (DES) provider, it means our highly specialised and experienced coaches are committed to placing people just like you into meaningful and sustainable jobs, matched specifically to your profile, and your profile alone.

But finding solutions to your unique challenges and barriers is just the beginning.

Life changing experiences await

With over 200 dedicated staff on the ground in 58 employment service areas across Australia, we truly live national and breathe local. Our handpicked staff are trained to see the personality behind the person, taking time to understand and using evidence-based tools to help inform your journey.

They’re talent scouts who build solid networks and relationships. And they find the right fit, for the right job, and the right person. They’re with you all the way, helping to reach your employment goals along your job journey.

Your job journey starts here

We see what others don’t

Your potential. You know you have it, and we know how to harness it. That’s why we’re here, to get you job-ready with all the tools and info you need, as well as post-placement assistance to keep you working no matter which state or territory you call home.

And that’s where our groundbreaking innovation really kicks in. Tap into our tech for virtual video-chat with your job coach, or simply drop in on-site for a face-to-face when it suits and when it matters most, every step of the way. 

Employment and beyond

There’s the big picture, and then there’s the bigger picture. Not only do we work with you to identify your goals and career path, we construct a customised job plan around programs and services suitable just for you. It’s job support, yet it’s much much more.

We build on your own experience, skills, qualifications and networks. We connect you to opportunities based on your interests and capacity. We check-in with you at work, ensuring you have the right equipment and employer support to stay in the job.

Change it up

Did you know you can choose and change your DES provider? You also have a bigger say than you think in services you receive. The choice is yours, so register directly with AimBig or via Centrelink.

How it works

  • Pick a DES provider you’d like to work with
  • Choose how you stay in touch after an initial face-to-face meeting
  • Work together to make a job plan that will help you gain and maintain employment

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