Take a step in the right direction with MyDirection

If you are looking for real support to get back on track after an injury, illness or disability, MyDirection has been specifically designed for you. Normally a 12-week modular program, it is tailored around your exact requirements. Take a look at how it can improve your overall well-being and help get you back to work.

  • MyDirection is a unique program designed to make the most of the skills or experience you have, build on your strengths and address any requirements you may need
  • The program follows a ‘whole-person’ approach and sets goals unique to you to maximise your opportunities
  • You’ll find the program understands the benefit that work brings because there’s a strong link between employment, culture, and identity 
  • MyDirection will prepare you to achieve your recovery and return to work goals by making the most of your individual strengths
  • You will discover the benefits of early intervention techniques to empower your proactivity and independence
  • There is a suite of 15 modules that can be tailored to your individual challenges and delivered in-person or via RM Reach video health
  • The topics include Positive Wellbeing, Health & Lifestyle, Get Activated, Overcoming Adversity, and Building Confidence.

    Kane, AimBig Employment Participant

    I am really glad I found AimBig Employment. Having someone on my side who took an interest and helped me felt good and helped me realise that I could be successful and happy.

    Brittany, AimBig Employment Participant

    Working with Adrian has brought out my confidence. I’m good at garden maintenance and it’s something I can see myself doing as a career. I love being outside in a calm environment. I’m really thankful that AimBig Employment helped me to find a job that suited my circumstances and abilities.

    Anita, AimBig Employment Participant

    I absolutely love getting experience in an area that I am truly passionate about. I love that everyone is so supportive of my mental health and well-being I am so grateful to have the help and support of AimBig Employment and Karen Sheldon Group to move towards my dreams!

    Debbie, AimBig Employment Participant

    Having the support of AimBig Employment has been a huge help to me. I feel like life is looking up! I’m very thankful for the support from AimBig Employment and Cousins Motor Inn for helping me through this difficult time. It’s nice to know people are and gave someone like me a go.

    Robin, AimBig Employment Participant

    I am very happy that AimBig Employment were able to help me move in the right direction. I definitely recommend people get in touch if they have a disability and need some assistance.