Financial Support

Partnering with you throughout the hiring process, AimBig make it simple for your organisation to access all funded financial supports that are available to you.

A range of wage subsidies is available for employers who take on individuals with disability, injury or a health condition.

The Wage Subsidy Scheme provides a financial incentive to employers who hire an employee with a disability.

Restart Wage Subsidy provides a $10,000 (GST inclusive) subsidy for employers who take on workers who are 50 years or older, unemployed and have been receiving income support payments for six months or more.

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To help employers support employees with a disability, the Employee Assistance Fund (EAF) provides financial assistance for work-related equipment, modifications and services.

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If you have an employee who is at risk of losing their job due to the impact of an injury, disability or health condition, help is available.

Work Assist is a government assessed scheme that will provide assistance for face-to-face support, workplace modifications or therapy at no cost to you. It’s designed to assist employers to retain employees with a disability.

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Job Access is funded by the Australian Government and provides advice services for employers employing a person with disability. Their services include workplace adjustments, support and training. AimBig can support in arranging a free workplace assessment through the program.

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Stuart, Owner of Pave Cycles

I’m really glad AimBig reached out to us to see how we could support Tom. Having them guide us through the process, at no cost to us, really helped. We love having Tom on the team and would recommend any employer to get in touch with AimBig to give someone with disability a chance.

Shirley, Recruitment Manager at Karen Sheldon Group

We couldn’t be happier with the work Anita is doing. She’s really proactive and always gets the job done. It was great to work with AimBig Employment as they took me easily through the process. We’re very proud of Anita and the progress she’s made.

Raman, Employer of Sunshine Bean Cafe

I couldn’t be happier with Jacqueline as an employee. She’s really proactive and always gets the job done. Her work ethic is outstanding and she’s a high performer. I’m glad I was able to offer an opportunity to someone who really needed it. I’m very proud of Jacqueline and the progress she’s made.

Paul, Account Manager at Top End Consulting

AimBig’s role is to support both the individual and the employer. My only misgiving is that more employers have not found the wealth of opportunity there is in the disabled community. I definitely recommend AimBig’s services and encourage other employers to give someone with a disability a chance.

Sandra, Executive General Manager of People and Culture at Apollo Motorhomes

Darryl is a real asset to our company and every team he has worked for has positive feedback about him. We would recommend that companies consider employing people who have a disability. It helped having AimBig guide us to ensure we did everything that was required to ensure Darryl was comfortable.