Getting the financial support you need

Finding a new job, getting to and from interviews, even starting at work can have a big impact on your finances. At AimBig, we are here to support you!

Financial Supports

Work Attire

You may need new clothes for an interview. Or, when you find work, a new uniform, including pants, shirts, shoes, boots, hard hats or hi-vis gear. Whatever you’re after, we will support you in potentially accessing Financial support.


If you need help to and from an interview or work, we’re here to help with the costs. 


Technology is crucial for work. If you need assistance to buy a phone or help to pay for your internet, we can arrange that for you. 

Counselling services

Finding and beginning work can be stressful. If you need to access additional counselling services, let us assist with those and the payments. 

Courses and Education

Need a course to get yourself job-ready? Let us organise whatever you need and pay for it – whether that’s a training certificate or even assisting with getting your driver’s licence.

Helping your employer with Work Assist

You can also reach out to us so that we can assist your employer and make your transition to work is made as easy as possible. Working with you and your employer, we can work out the best way to design the job for you, which includes looking at the following ways Work Assist could help.

  • Wage subsidies
    We can review what wage subsidies your employer may be able to access 
  • Workplace assessments
    Working together, we will make sure that the workplace is appropriate for your needs
  • Workplace modifications
    If your new place of work needs modifications, then we can help your employer access a fund to make this happen for you. Modifications could include installing handrails, ramps, modified desks, and signage – it is about what you will need to do your job effectively.


Get in touch with AimBig and we will contact you.


We’d love to hear about your experience with us.


We are never too far with offices Australia-wide.

Kane, AimBig Employment Participant

I am really glad I found AimBig Employment. Having someone on my side who took an interest and helped me felt good and helped me realise that I could be successful and happy.

Brittany, AimBig Employment Participant

Working with Adrian has brought out my confidence. I’m good at garden maintenance and it’s something I can see myself doing as a career. I love being outside in a calm environment. I’m really thankful that AimBig Employment helped me to find a job that suited my circumstances and abilities.

Anita, AimBig Employment Participant

I absolutely love getting experience in an area that I am truly passionate about. I love that everyone is so supportive of my mental health and well-being I am so grateful to have the help and support of AimBig Employment and Karen Sheldon Group to move towards my dreams!

Debbie, AimBig Employment Participant

Having the support of AimBig Employment has been a huge help to me. I feel like life is looking up! I’m very thankful for the support from AimBig Employment and Cousins Motor Inn for helping me through this difficult time. It’s nice to know people are and gave someone like me a go.

Robin, AimBig Employment Participant

I am very happy that AimBig Employment were able to help me move in the right direction. I definitely recommend people get in touch if they have a disability and need some assistance.