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SkillRestart is an upskilling program for jobseekers looking to re-enter the workforce and is specially designed to support mature workers.

We understand that it’s easy to feel left behind with today’s rapidly changing workplace technology and software, particularly if you never worked in an office environment or have experienced a break in employment.

SkillRestart is designed to get you up to date and ready to work in an office based, or work-from-home role. You will also work in teams to deliver a final assignment for a real employer, giving you the opportunity to demonstrate your new skills in a practical setting.


What does the program look like

SkillRestart is a practical, hands-on group training program that runs for 12 weeks. At the same time you will be working with real businesses through the training to come out with practical experience.

What you’ll learn

• How to effectively work in a modern digital workplace
• How to use Microsoft Office software
• How to use online workplace collaboration and video call software
• How to work effectively in teams online

Your potential career options

• Administration
• Office Assistant
• Customer Service Advisor
• Data Entry Operator
• General Clerk
• Payroll Officer

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How it works


Step 1

Register your interest.


Step 2

Classes will be conducted face to face to start, but will shift online as you gain confidence with online collaboration software. AimBig’s trainers will be there to support you.


Step 3

AimBig’s trainers will set you up within our online training environment, where you will work on a team project.


Step 4

Businesses will present your teams with a challenge to work on.


Step 5

Using the skills gained through the program, you will work online with your teams and present your work to the business.

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