Going back to work is a big step. So if you think your role could be at risk due to your disability, injury or health condition, the Government’s Work Assist program is here to make sure you fulfil your requirements and stay happy at work.

Available to Australian residents aged 14 and over currently working eight or more hours per week, Work Assist partners with our job coaches and your employer – free of charge – to provide practical solutions to keep you working.

AimBig collaborates holistically with all parties to facilitate:

  • Face-to-face support
  • Advice about job redesign
  • Comprehensive workplace assessments
  • Workplace modifications or special equipment
  • Impact management of the disability, injury or health condition
  • Interventions like physiotherapy, occupational therapy, pain management or counselling

There is plenty of evidence to support giving people with disability a fair go in the workplace and improving your workplace culture.

There are so many people with disability who are significantly under-represented in the workforce and just like any job seeker, they have valuable skills, qualifications and experience to offer society. That’s why we match the right person to the right job to take the hard work out of recruitment, allowing more and more people to make a positive contribution in their community.


Supporting you to stay at work

Supporting employers to stay productive

For employers, Work Assist is suitable if an employee acquires an injury, disability or health condition that impacts their ability to perform their job.

An employer must be of the view that their employee is experiencing difficulties fulfilling the essential requirements of their job, arising from the impact of their injury, disability or health condition, and that these circumstances are impacting that person’s ability to continue working.

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