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Question and Answer with AimBig Employment’s Scott Taylor

We recently sat down with Scott Taylor, our Business Development Specialist in the Central Coast, NSW and asked him a few questions about himself and his life here at AimBig Employment. Scott is the definition of exuberant energy and spending time with him always makes people feel invigorated and energised – no matter who you are. Here’s our interview with Scott.

What has your career been like so far?

My career with AimBig thus far has been nothing short of amazing. It is so obvious that I am working for a supportive, collaborative & genuine DES (Disability Employment Services) provider who is very different to the rest. It is also no surprise that AimBig Employment won the Company to Watch Award recently at the Australian Growth Company Awards 2020.

Why should a DES participant choose AimBig Employment?

AimBig has a proven track record in recruiting the best staff! Our staff are dedicated to getting in and jumping on the journey with our clients. Our Team excels in offering individual tailored support to suit each and every clients’ unique circumstances and barriers. We make sure your journey is transparent and that you as the client can see that we are extremely proactive and committed to you. We also have great connections to both local and national employers who understand what it means to be an employer of people with disability.

What about being a DES Provider are you passionate about?

I am passionate about DES, period. The DES program allows a joint collaboration between client and provider and it is not just about finding our clients a job or bringing in random vacancies to try fill. DES and my role in DES as a Business Development Manager is all about sourcing and securing our valued clients the “right job”; a job with a supportive and understanding employer who is disability aware and open to all the amazing qualities these clients will bring to the employers’ business.

What is your team like?

My team is amazing – consisting of a bunch of dedicated amazing professionals who all share the same goal. That goal is putting our valued clients with disabilities and barriers into amazing employment and or education opportunities. We all get passionate when we see our clients moving their life forward in a positive way. Being a part of such passion is actually exhilarating and we all bounce off each other in every success we witness.

Why are you passionate about your job?

I am so passionate about changing people lives in My Business Development Manager role. No matter how big or small each stage is, I am committed to being beside the client for each step and witnessing them move forward day by day. Nothing satisfies me more than watching clients lives change by placing them into ongoing sustainable and meaningful employment and watching them thrive. I thrive on joining the right Job Seeker to the right Employer and being the one who facilitates this union and watching it grow is extremely satisfying.

Why should an Employer use AimBig? What services do we offer?

We are a trusted DES provider who covers 58 employment service areas nation-wide. We also have trusted and proven in-house marketing professionals helping to promote both JobSeekers and our Employers. This ensures we have both an extensive candidate and job network database, making sure that the placement fits both the JobSeeker and the Employer. We also offer post-placement support to ensure that the partnership between JobSeeker and Employer continue to be mutually beneficial and have access to other supports as required.

Why should others come work for AimBig?

I would and do recommend AimBig Employment to many I come in contact with. I know at AimBig, things are done the right way, the best way. I have witnessed and heard of so many awesome career journey stories so far. And for myself, be it day-to-day flexibility, ongoing learning & development, great remuneration, health and well being initiatives, being rewarded and recognised and / or being intentional about my career growth – I have experienced absolutely all this and more. It’s an absolutely great place to work!

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