AimBig Employment Success Story | Tristan

With his limited education and bipolar diagnosis, Tristan didn’t believe an employer would even consider him for a job.

Getting into training

When Tristan first spoke to his AimBig consultant, Kriztle, it was clear he had a real interest in looking after people. And when she suggested training towards a job in aged care, Tristan asked if he could start that day.

Overcoming negative self-perception

Because of the mania that manifested with his bipolar disorder, Tristan wasn’t confident training would lead to a job. So Kriztle worked with Tristan to help him understand how his own mental health challenges could be beneficial to an employer. She explained that dealing with elderly residents who are frail and often living with dementia means not everyone is suited to that environment. As someone who really understood what it’s like to be vulnerable, he would bring understanding and empathy, something employers love.

Now working and studying

With his course underway, Kriztle got to work in helping him find a placement. After interviewing about a possible placement, Challenger Services were so impressed with Tristan they asked him to start a paid work trial as a cleaner. Tristan is still completing his course while working part-time as a cleaner.

“Everything seems to be falling in to place, with the birth of my youngest I knew it was time to make changes to become better for my family.” – Tristan.


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