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Helen’s new career in childcare

Helen, who lives with depression, a shoulder and upper arm disorder, and vertigo, had been out of work for more than two years before reaching out to AimBig Employment in Marrickville for support. When Job Coach Vivian took on her case, she arranged a face-to-face appointment with Helen to better understand her needs and challenges.

Helen shared that she had previously done some cleaning jobs but had to stop due to her health conditions. She also had some success with private childcare but could only find temporary and casual positions that were not sustainable long-term and did not provide the security she needed to support herself.

“I was losing hope that I would be able to work again or that someone would want to hire me,” Helen said, and Vivian could sense her disappointment. However, she could also see that Helen had the attitude and determination to be a great employee and just needed help showcasing that to potential employers.

Vivian’s approach was to provide Helen with regular motivation and encouragement, working together on her resume writing and teaching her interview skills to improve how she presented herself. Helen had a goal of obtaining childcare qualifications and had a passion for working with children. However, most childcare roles required a Certificate III.

Vivian took a proactive approach and did some reverse marketing, reaching out to employers to see if they would be willing to hire Helen before she completed her childcare qualifications. The strategy paid off, and Helen was offered a teaching assistant role with the promise of a pay rise once she completed her Certificate III.

Vivian accompanied Helen to the interview, and Helen felt hopeful about her future for the first time in a long time. Helen was provided onboarding documents and started her new role as a childcare teaching assistant, working 20 hours per week from Monday to Friday.

One of the things Helen was most excited about was her leave and public holiday entitlements, something she hadn’t received in decades. She was looking forward to taking a holiday with her daughter and even had the ability to buy her daughter a Christmas gift. Helen also informed Vivian that she had enrolled in a part-time course for her Certificate III with TAFE.

Helen’s journey with AimBig Employment demonstrates the impact of tailored support, motivation and perseverance in helping individuals with disabilities secure fulfilling and long-term employment opportunities.

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