Odai Overcomes Barriers and Thrives in New Labouring Role.

Moving to Australia from another country can be daunting. Getting accustomed to culture, making new friends and settling in are all wins in themselves. And then adding the pressure of finding work, it can be confusing to know where to start.

When Odai came to AimBig Employment in early July this year, he had mentioned that he’d been without work for the 3 years he had been in Australia. At his initial appointment, him and his family were greeted by Scott, and he chatted about his experience coming from Afghanistan. Although he was a mechanical engineer by trade, when he came to Australia, he was unable to find employment and did not look to study any further.

Odai was keen to start working, and felt that his previous provider had not helped him get the head start he needed.

The next week, he had a meeting with Vinita, the Business Development Manager in Toowoomba, to discuss local opportunities that matched his skillset and experience. Vinita set up an interview for him at a local company as a polishing labourer, and was successful in landing the job. As this is his first job since arriving in Australia, he was ecstatic to be providing for his family and had a sense of purpose once again.

Odai was supported by AimBig Employment by assisting him with suitable clothing for work and ongoing support. Vinita regular makes visit to the site to ensure Odai is happy in his new role, and that the relationship between him and his employer is going well. The owner of the business regularly comments on Odai’s excellent work ethic and positive attitude.

Odai and his boss were able to overcome language barriers through the help of Vinita, where extra training was subsidised to support Odai and tasks are demonstrated to ensure clarify and open communication.

Odai is thriving in his new role and makes it known to Vinita and Scott that his life has completely changed after finding employment. On top of loving his job, he loves being financially secure and supporting his family. Odai is also excited to progress further in his role after completing a longer tenure in his role, where he will have more opportunities to progress in his trained field.

At AimBig Employment, we support people from all walks of life. No matter your barrier, we will do our best to support you into the role that’s right for you.

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