A Day at the Farm Leads to Employment for Liam Martin

Liam Martin

Liam Martin has Autism and has minimal interactions outside the family home. His AimBig Employment Job Coach Michelle Drinkwater checks in on him bi-weekly and to provide him with socialisation opportunities outside of the home. Recently, she sensed that his mental health had been declining. Sensing his sadness, Michelle set up a visit to Summerland Farm in Alstonville (Northern NSW).

When they got to the farm, they met Gemma, who showed them around and explained the different micro businesses that operate from the property.

The farm has recently undergone a significant overhaul to make it a more family-friendly place to visit. As part of the redesign, they built a large kid’s area with play equipment, planted fruit trees in the property surrounds and landscaped gardens. There is a combined restaurant and cafe area on site which is due to reopen on July 1st after closing during Coronavirus restrictions. A new retail hub is opening soon, offering local produce for sale.

Summerland Farm employs people with disability to help in their packing sheds. Michelle thought that Liam would be a perfect fit to work at Summerland Farm, and luckily Gemma agreed and invited Liam to work at the farm helping to pack avocadoes.

Liam couldn’t believe his ears. He was elated when Gemma told him the news and could not stop smiling. Gemma got him to fill out an application form, which was approved by the Summerland Farm General Manager. He has already commenced in his role and is doing a fantastic job.

Liam is interacting with his colleagues and making friends, providing him with the social interaction that he was craving. He is also earning a steady income. These two things combined have done wonders for Liam’s self-esteem, wellbeing confidence.


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