Drew’s Inspiring Journey: Overcoming Barriers to Secure Meaningful Employment

Drew became a part of the AimBig Employment Casuarina site in November 2022 as a Disability Employment Services participant. Since then, Drew’s journey with the team has been focused on achieving one goal: finding meaningful employment, including enrolling into an education course with ALFFIE to broaden his skills and knowledge to re-enter the workforce.

Drew possesses remarkable strength – showing extraordinary resilience in the face of a Spinal Disorder, and despite it being a barrier, he demonstrated dedication, commitment, and motivation on his employment journey.

In a noteworthy turn of events, Drew’s aspirations took a concrete shape when he was introduced to Business Development Manager Jim. Drew was referred to Jim to start as a Bus Driver with a local employer. Notably, Jim had previously successfully placed another participant earlier this year. Drew’s exceptional qualities and determination didn’t go unnoticed, leading him to secure this meaningful employment opportunity.

The transformation that Drew has undergone is nothing short of commendable. His unshakable spirit, combined with the support of the AimBig Employment team and his determination to overcome the odds, has paved the way for this significant milestone.

AimBig Employment’s commitment to empowering individuals like Drew to achieve their full potential is evident through stories like his. As they continue to impact the lives of many positively, AimBig Employment remains dedicated to fostering growth, inclusivity, and success in the workforce, one life-changing journey at a time. If you want to unlock your potential like Drew, enquire today.

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