The New Normal: How to Nail an Online Interview

A combination of COVID-19 and online technology is leading to a rise in remote job applications and interviews – which can be daunting for some people.

But, with a few simple considerations, a virtual interview doesn’t need to be that different – or more difficult – than a face-to-face interview.

Vital tips for virtual interviews

Here are some important tips to help you nail a virtual interview:

  • Check you have the right meeting app or software installed and that you know how it all works. Check your camera and microphone are working properly BEFORE your interview, as well as your internet connection. You might need to schedule a practice call with someone you know just to ensure everything is OK.
  • Also check your lighting and background – use an app or computer-generated background if needed – to ensure it looks professional. A blank wall is better than a messy bookcase or unmade bed in the background.
  • You might be in the comfort of your own home but it is still important to wear appropriate clothing, so dress to impress for success (at least from the waist up)!
  • Make sure the interviewer has your full attention. Turn off notifications on whatever computer or device you are using and silence your phone. Also, limit any background noises that could distract you – or the interviewer!
  • Don’t comment or joke about the strangeness of a virtual interview – this is our new normal, act as if it’s just a part of your everyday now.
  • Watch your posture, and look at the camera – not your image on the screen – to maintain eye contact with your interviewer. Be engaged and engaging, nod from time to time to show you are listening to and following what the interviewer is saying.
  • Remember there is often a lag online so wait a beat after someone finishes speaking to ensure they are done before you start to reply.
  • Keep a glass of water handy for if your throat becomes dry. You do not want to interrupt the interview to fetch a drink.
  • Like with all job interviews, be prepared! Do your research on the company and the role and think ahead about how your skills place you in good stead for the job. Know what your strengths are, and how to describe what you will bring to the role. If possible, do some practice interviews with a friend, a job coach or use LinkedIn’s interview preparation tool.

How we can help

At AimBig Employment, as well as LiveBig and Rehab Management, we work with people to help them learn and improve the skills needed to find employment – including the application and interview process, whether in person or online.

Particularly at AimBig Employment, our team of experts have been achieving successful employment outcomes for people with a disability for more than 20 years. We work to fit the right person with the right job opportunity.

Opportunities online

Of course, the way employers advertise jobs – and the way we search and apply for them – has also been changing over recent years, with a rise in online job boards, virtual labour marketplaces and online applications.

Our AimBig Employment job board lists opportunities for people with a disability across a wide range of industries and roles all over Australia – and we can even help you apply for them.

You can also check out what sort of jobs are available via our blogs.

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