Nabil’s Journey with AimBig Employment

AimBig Employment, in collaboration with the dedicated Business Development Consultant, Heidi Bevege, has played a pivotal role in transforming the life of Nabil, a job seeker facing the challenges of
depression and anxiety.

Nabil’s journey with AimBig Employment began with a tailored and proactive approach. Heidi, at the Burleigh Heads office, engaged in reverse marketing to every Cabinet Making company around the Gold Coast. Her goal was not only to find an employment opportunity for Nabil but also to secure an apprenticeship for a mature-aged man, showcasing AimBig’s commitment to diverse and inclusive
employment solutions.

The support provided by AimBig went beyond the traditional job placement services. Heidi worked closely with Nabil, offering assistance with interview techniques and providing suitable clothing to
ensure he presented himself confidently during interviews. Nabil, with years of experience in Cabinet Making but lacking a formal certificate, expressed his eagerness to gain the qualifications necessary for his trade. After numerous contacts with Cabinet Making companies, AimBig Employment successfully secured a position for Nabil with Mint Designer Kitchens. The company not only welcomed him with open arms but also offered him an apprenticeship, providing a unique opportunity for professional growth.

Nabil’s joy and gratitude for AimBig’s support are evident. He is now working full-time at Mint Designer Kitchens, immersed in his apprenticeship, and thoroughly enjoying his role. Mint Designer Kitchens has proven to be more than just a workplace. They have been exceptionally supportive, offering Nabil the chance to gain his certificate and complete his trade, illustrating the positive impact of collaborative efforts between AimBig Employment and employers dedicated to making a difference.

Nabil’s success story is a testament to the transformative power of AimBig Employment’s personalised approach and the dedication of job coaches like Heidi Bevege. It highlights that, with the right support, individuals facing mental health challenges can not only find employment but also embark on a journey of personal and professional fulfillment.

As Nabil continues to thrive in his role, AimBig Employment remains committed to creating more success stories, proving that everyone deserves a chance to overcome obstacles and build a brighter future with the right support system in place.

If you want to unlock your potential like Nabil, enquire today.


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