Blossoming Beyond Barriers: Daisy’s Inspiring Journey

Daisy Bradford’s path to employment has been shaped by the determination of her Job Coach, Jim Torpey, the Business Development Manager at AimBig Mitchelton. This is reflected in the heartfelt email Daisy recently wrote expressing her gratitude to the Mitchelton team.

Daisy acknowledged the pivotal role played by the Mitchelton team, including Elise, Rebekah, Jim, Taree, and Ollie, who have been pillars of support throughout her journey. Facing challenges related to dyslexia, Daisy expressed that the regular face-to-face appointments that provided essential assistance in navigating study materials and qualifications, extremely helpful. These efforts have not only built her confidence but have also opened doors to various places of employment, offering her hope and practice in re-entering the workforce.

The Mitchelton staff’s friendly welcome, coupled with their hard work in securing interviews and short-term employment opportunities, has been a constant source of encouragement for Daisy. In her own words, “There’s always a light, open and very friendly welcome for me with the staff at Mitchelton, which is very encouraging, knowing they’re working hard in getting many interviews, as well as some short-term employment.”

A significant highlight of Daisy’s journey is her recent employment with QLD Ed as a temporary cleaner and an Inclusion Support Educator in OSHC. These achievements are a testament to Daisy’s resilience and the dedicated efforts of the AimBig Mitchelton team.

Daisy Bradford’s success story underscores AimBig Employment’s commitment to empowering individuals to achieve goals and thrive in their chosen careers.

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