Using Lockdown Time for Training and Education


Using Lockdown Time for Training and Education

We’ve been working closely with our training partners to understand recent government changes in the sector and what it means for our clients. Changes to eligibility, new subsidies and a swathe of free online courses have opened up some great opportunities for study during lockdown time.

Certificate courses in growth industries

Following completion and a short placement, graduates with one of these qualifications have a high chance of maintaining sustained employment:

  • Cert III Warehousing Operations
  • Cert III Individual Support (Ageing and/or Home & Community)
  • Cert III in Early Childhood Education and Care

Check with your job coach to see if you’re eligible for an education outcome and consider enrolling. Courses are still running online, and in some cases, placements can still be completed under lockdown.

Short courses to boost your CV

A short course in infection control or workplace health and safety is really worth considering. These qualifications will help to lift your profile and employment potential no matter what industry you’re looking to work in. One of our training partners in NSW is currently offering this course for free. Spaces are limited, so get in touch with us soon to find out more.

Many other providers are offering free courses across a wide range of subject areas from IT to hospitality. Check out these offerings from different providers:

TAFE courses for skills building

In Queensland, TAFE is offering free isolearn micro-courses – short, highly targeted and designed to help improve a specific skill. Courses are 100% online and typically take an hour or so to complete.
Some courses worth reviewing:

  • Digital Literacy Essentials
  • Communication Technologies for Business Success
  • Community Care Skill Set
  • Health Service Support Skill Set
  • Transport (Driver) Skill Set
  • Food Service Skill Set

In NSW, TAFE is offering fee-free short online courses in:

  • Practical business skills
  • Enhance your digital impact
  • Improve leadership performance
  • Develop administration skills
  • Grow health and medical knowledge
  • These are definitely worth looking into if you’d benefit from building your practical skills and knowledge.

University certificate courses

The university sector has opened up specially created, six-month graduate certificate courses. Subjects include nursing, teaching, counselling, maths, English, languages, agriculture, allied health, IT, engineering, environmental studies and science. The courses cost either $1,250 or $2,500 and students can get HELP loans to cover the costs. The courses are targeted at national priority areas and are designed for people seeking to learn new skills during the recession and period of social distancing.

Get in touch to find out more

If you are already registered with AimBig Employment, ask your job coach to check what you are eligible for. Alternatively call 1300 034 997 or submit an enquiry online.


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