image: Alexander and Jason

Alexander’s inspiring journey

Alexander came to AimBig Employment as a direct registration on the Disability Support Pension with an 8-hour benchmark. He faced many challenges in his life, including epilepsy and autism. Initially, he came with his mother for support, concerned about what he couldn’t do. But Job Coach, Jason, from AimBig Employment Toowong, encouraged them to focus on Alexander’s strengths and what he was able to achieve.

When Alexander first came in, he seemed despondent and down about his current situation. But after discussing different roles and encouraging him to focus on his abilities, he was able to start a Queensland Health training program just a week later, commencing two months of training to work at the QE2 Hospital. At times, Alexander found the training tiring, but with the support and encouragement from his Job Coach, he was able to push through and succeed.

After completing the training, Alexander was selected for buddy shift training with other staff members. His hard work and dedication paid off, and he was offered a casual pool job a month later as a fully-fledged Operational Service Assistant at the hospital. It wasn’t an easy journey for Alexander, but he persevered and continued to build his new career.

Now, Alexander is working as an Operational Service Assistant, which allows him to work in a variety of positions at the hospital, including environmental services, porterage, and food services. He started gradually and has built his hours up to over 30 hours a week and is loving his work despite some workplace challenges and barriers along the way. Alexander feels like he has found his calling, especially because his partner is also a nurse. He enjoys the variety offered by the job and the fact that no two days are the same.

Alexander should be extremely proud of what he has achieved, and we are proud of the resilience he has shown in maintaining employment and building his career.

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