Navigating the Australian Disability Strategy 2021-2031

To foster inclusivity and equality, Australia unveiled the Australian Disability Strategy 2021-2031, a comprehensive national framework dedicated to advancing the rights and opportunities of individuals with disabilities. Enacted in 2021, this transformative document outlines seven fixed outcomes that state and federal government bodies must pursue. At the forefront of these outcomes is the paramount goal of fostering Employment and Financial Independence for people with disabilities.

Did you know that nearly 23% of people in this country identify as living with a Disability? The Australian Disability Strategy underscores the commitment of the government to create a society where every individual, regardless of ability, has equal access to opportunities. As the first and foremost outcome, the emphasis on Employment and Financial Independence opens doors for employers to actively participate in building a diverse and inclusive workforce.

For employers, this means more than just compliance—it presents a unique chance to tap into a pool of talented individuals. At AimBig Employment, as a registered Disability Services Provider by the Federal Government, we understand this and are a dedicated organisation. We are here to support employers seeking to navigate the landscape of inclusive employment. The Disability Strategy provides a foundation for various supports and incentives, including education and financial assistance, designed to encourage and facilitate the employment of people with disabilities.

We are ready to assist employers in understanding and capitalising on these opportunities. Through tailored support and guidance, we are here to help organisations prepare for the inclusion of individuals with disabilities, ensuring that they can attract, retain, and develop this valuable talent pool. From educational resources to financial support, we offer comprehensive services to empower employers to create an inclusive workplace.

This is a very exciting time for stronger inclusion and workplace support as we all look for bright, engaged new staffing talent. As we pursue a more equitable and accessible future, the Australian Disability Strategy 2021-2031 provides a roadmap for employers to contribute actively to positive change.

If your business would like to foster an environment where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, contact us today.

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