What Industries Are Hiring?

Many things are slowly getting back to normal in the wake of the pandemic, however Australia is still experiencing a labour shortage.

While that is bad news for many employers, it is good news for anyone who is currently looking for work.

Even though borders have reopened and restrictions are easing, there are still major shortfalls in many industries – which means more opportunities for Aussie workers, including those with a disability.

The Australian Government’s National Skills Commission internet vacancy index shows online job ads increased by 8 per cent, or 23,100 jobs, in April 2022 to 311,100 – which is the highest since the index began in 2006.

State by state, online job ads rose:

  • Queensland, up by 10.1% (5800 job ads)
  • New South Wales, up by 7.6% (7000 job ads)
  • Tasmania, up by 7.3% (250 job ads)
  • Western Australia, up by 7.3% (2400 job ads)
  • South Australia, up by 7.0% (1000 job ads)
  • Victoria, up by 6.5% (5000 job ads)
  • Northern Territory, up by 5.7% (180 job ads)
  • Australian Capital Territory, up by 2.4% (200 job ads)

The NSC reported online recruitment activity nationwide was “significantly elevated” compared with pre-Covid levels – a overall increase of 84.9 per cent or 142,800 job ads.


But what sort of jobs are available?

With the next round of statistics not due out until the end of June, the most recent data showed us the most job vacancies were in healthcare and social assistance; admin and support services; professional, scientific and technical services; retail trade; and accommodation and food services.

Recent news articles highlight significant labour shortages – and therefore job opportunities – in the food production, delivery and retail sectors; transport, postal and warehousing; information technology and call centres.

One of the biggest employment opportunities across all states at the moment is in food production, delivery and retail. With a lack of overseas workers coming in, and amid difficult weather conditions across the nation, the fresh food production industry is struggling to find enough labour to help it keep up with demand.

In particular, there is a strong demand for people to work in fresh fruit and vegetable picking and harvesting. But there are also jobs going in food processing and production factories. Many of these types of jobs require basic skills, with training provided.

There is also a strong demand for drivers, from wholesale truck drivers delivering produce to stores, to individual delivery drivers getting online grocery orders to people’s homes.

Hospitality is also seeing an upsurge. It seems many people got used to online ordering and food delivery during Covid, with those services still going strong. At the same time, more people are going out – creating a need for more frontline hospitality workers.

And let’s not forget the online shopping boom is also still going strong, even with bricks and mortar stores open, and there are always job opportunities in picking and packing, warehousing, and deliveries. Australia Post is currently hiring across most of its major delivery centres.


My disability affects my mobility. Are there still jobs for me?

For those who are living with a physical disability that limits their mobility, there are still plenty of job options – particularly if you are into technology. Skilled IT workers are in very strong demand, but even without a high level of training there are still plenty of opportunities with many call centres hiring.


How do I find the right job for me from all these roles?

AimBig Employment has been achieving successful employment outcomes for people with a disability for more than 20 years. Our team of experts has the skills and knowledge, and the business connections, to fit the right person with the right job opportunity for you. We also provide ongoing support in the workplace, and work with employers to establish and maintain inclusive workplaces.

We also have training and skills courses to help improve your job prospects. Currently, our job boards have vacancies in the following areas:

  • Hospitality
  • Pick Packers
  • Process Workers
  • Cleaners
  • Call Centre
  • Customer Service
  • Data Entry
  • Admin
  • Delivery Drivers

If you’re interested in any of the above roles or would like to find out more about other jobs on offer, reach out today.

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