AimBig Employment Success Story – Robin

Through working with people with disability, we see individuals from all walks of life enter our doors looking to meet their unique goals. With the assistance of our skilled job coaches and their strong community ties, our clients feel listened to and equipped with the tools to find meaningful work and purpose in their lives.

An individual that has seen success at AimBig Employment is Robin. Robin was transferred from a different DES provider that was no longer servicing people with disability. Through key relationships formed with other providers in the community, the transition for Robin to AimBig Employment was smooth and allowed him to focus on reaching his goals, where he began working with his job coach Ebony.

Coming to AimBig Employment, Robin had started a small business, Pristine Wash and Wax, a car detailing venture within the Perth Metro region. In the current pandemic climate, Robin was able to adapt by investing in a no-touch wash product for car exteriors to ensure exceptional finishes, displaying the pride he takes in using quality products and equipment.

Before working with Ebony, Robin had all the tools and skills for success, but was concerned about the longevity of his business as he was only servicing a handful of clients. Further, Robin has a young family to care for, which added additional financial stress and put his mental health and wellbeing at risk. This is where Ebony and Robin strategized and endeavoured to find new ways to advertise his business.

Ebony was able to show Robin how to use social media to his advantage, and through promoting Pristine Wash and Wax, Robin received 19 new bookings for services. Through marketing Robin’s business and highlighting his extraordinary work, Ebony was able to assist Robin with finding new clientele in the area, most of which were community members looking to support local business. One of the strategies Ebony was able to work with Robin to offer was sales promotions, where advertising deals and specials allowed Robin to target his social media audiences to gain new clients and keep repeat customers satisfied.

We asked Robin how AimBig Employment has helped support him in his small business venture.

“I am very supported by Ebony and AimBig Employment. Ebony has helped me in learning how to use social media and has brought attention to my Facebook page for my business, which has been helped me gain new clients. I have done 5 cars in 2 days, which goes to show that AimBig Employment is awesome at what they do.”

Through building positive and mutually beneficial relationships with local businesses within our community, we were able to ensure Robin’s transition from DES providers was smooth while supporting his business venture. Robin is now thriving in his mental health and wellbeing while also seeing great success for his business, where the help of AimBig Employment and Ebony was able to assist him in reaching his unique goals.

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