AimBig Finds the Right Fit for Debbie

At AimBig Employment, we work to empower job seekers by finding them the right job fit based on their individual needs, passions, skills and employment goals.

Debbie Jones, a 56 year old woman from Inverell, was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2019. Debbie spent the past two years in and out of hospital, and was looking for a way to improve her skills and education while being able to make a living. In early 2021, Debbie began studying for a certificate III in Education Support, and despite still being unwell, she was motivated to find work to support herself while studying.

Unsure of where to start in finding a job that she could do given her challenges, Debbie came to AimBig Employment through a referral from Centrelink. She was assigned to a job coach for the Inverell area that had strong ties to local employers and a fantastic track record in finding people with disability sustainable and meaningful employment. Debbie was also assigned to Liz at AimBig, who helps her with her studies.

“Having the support of AimBig has been a huge help to me” says Debbie. “It is good to know that I can go to them if I have an issues, which is very important given my current health issues. Also, if there is a question in the course that I don’t quite understand I call Liz and she helps me work through it.”

Debbie and her job coach discussed what roles might be a good fit given Debbie’s health challenges. After finding out that Debbie used to work in a motel, her job coach was able to secure Debbie two interviews. One in hospitality, washing up and helping at a café close to where she lives, and the other a cleaning job at a motel. Deb and her job coach discussed both options and Debbie chose the job at the motel. Debbie cleans motel rooms on her own and makes sure they are clean and ready for the next person.

“I love it, the boss is great! They support me and know I’ve been going through bowel cancer. There are no issues when I need to go to one of my many appointments..”

Her employer Julie at Cousins Motor Inn in Inverell says “Debbie is the best employee I’ve had. She knows the job so well and works on her own. I never have to worry about her getting the job done. I’m grateful for the assistance AimBig Employment were able to provide us and would certainly recommend their services to other businesses.”

Thankfully Debbie recently got the all-clear for her health.

“I feel like life is looking up! I’m very thankful for the support from AimBig and Cousins Motor Inn for helping me through this difficult time. It’s nice to know people care and gave someone like me a go.”

Through engaging with local organisations and employers, and making the effort to understand the unique needs of the participants who walk through our doors, we were able to find meaningful employment for Debbie while also recruiting a passionate team member for Julie. Finding the right fit for our job seeker empowered her and helped her succeed in her role, and created a lasting and mutually beneficial partnership between Julie, Debbie and AimBig Employment.

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