Daniel Thought He’d Never Work Again After His Accident


Following on from his accident and traumatic brain injury, Daniel lost so much confidence he thought he’d never be able to get a job again. He struggled to interact with people and found himself withdrawing from friends and family.

Understanding Daniel’s challenges

After a few sessions with his AimBig consultant, Therese, Daniel started to feel comfortable about sharing how much he was struggling. Therese really understood Daniel’s challenges and initially focussed on building his confidence and people skills through one on one sessions.

Training towards a new career

Therese worked closely with Daniel to understand what type of job he wanted and they explored a range of options and possibilities before deciding on health care. With support from Therese, Daniel enrolled in a Certificate III (Health Services Assistance) course at his local community college, which included 100 hours of work placement as part of the course.

Study pays off

During his placement at McLean Care, Daniel was able to get hands-on experience and a good understanding of what the AIN role involves. He felt confident about applying for a job and with some help from Therese, they prepared his application and put together an interview outfit.

And on 21 October 2019, Daniel started his job as an AIN, complete with uniform and shoes sourced by Therese. The day he got the job, Daniel said, “All my bloody study that I loved has paid off, thanks Therese for all your help “.

Note: Although Daniel’s temporarily unable to work during the COVID-19 pandemic due to a heart condition, he can’t wait to get back.


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