Daniel Lilley: A Construction Labourer’s Journey with AimBig Employment

Referred to AimBig by Kerrie, in January 2023, Dan embarked on a journey to receive assistance as a construction labourer and to sustain his employment. The collaboration between Kerrie, Jim Torpey, and Elise Davis at AimBig outlined a comprehensive support model with individualised goals and clear responsibilities to guide Dan on his Work Assist journey.

From the outset, Dan, a construction labourer, played a crucial role in building the new RSL QLD Mates for Mates facility in Stafford, QLD. His involvement in this significant project marked the beginning of a transformative chapter in his life. AimBig provided Dan with an array of support, including on-the-job mentoring, debriefing sessions, essential tools and equipment, and crucial personal protective equipment. The collaborative efforts resulted in a visible transformation, with Dan’s confidence and personal growth shining through.

One standout moment in Dan’s journey was the receiving of a new power drill to enhance his efficiency in the role. This not only supported Dan’s work tasks but also served as a tangible representation of the ongoing commitment to his success. In the spirit of giving, Santa and his helper further brightened Dan’s day by providing a food hamper, recognising the challenges he faced with the rising cost of living. These gestures showcased the human-centred approach of AimBig, extending beyond the workplace.

As Dan approaches his 52 weeks of employment milestone in January 2024, his joy and satisfaction in his job are evident. Working 2-3 days per week, Dan’s dedication to his role as a construction labourer is not only a testament to his own resilience but also a reflection of the supportive environment cultivated by AimBig. His need for a new drill, crucial for timely task completion and assisting fellow tradies, highlights the practical and customized assistance provided to ensure sustained success.

Dan’s journey stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, individualised support, and a community-driven approach in helping individuals like him thrive in their chosen professions. AimBig Employment’s commitment to fostering growth and empowerment has not only impacted Dan’s professional life but has also contributed to his overall well-being, exemplifying the transformative potential of personalised support in employment success stories.

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