Rebekah’s Journey with AimBig!

Living with permanent disability can affects many aspects of your life, especially when it doesn’t look like a disability. While society expects to see visible disabilities, like a person in a wheelchair, for many Australians, there is more to their disabilities to what meets the eye.

When Rebekah started her AimBig journey in September she was unsure of what assistance was out there for an early school leaver and young mother. In her Initial she discussed having transport issues and really wanted to work in a labouring role.

Job Coach Kaela was paired with Rebekah and her in first contact appointment, she disclosed that she has been through some really trying times and was really wanting to better her life through in employment and was extremely interested in working in a farm.

Reilly Pastoral Co. had a vacancy which we organised an interview for Rebekah and she was hired. Within days she was working as a farm hand loving the role. However, there was a small hiccup as Rebekah started to feel that her barriers such as accommodation, mental health and transport were still holding her back. Kaela worked hard to get her learners renewed and assisted her with other support services in the community.

Her employer contacted AimBig one day as Rebekah had not been at work for a few days due to her mental health and the other barriers bringing her down. Kaela discussed with her employer that she loves the work and is really wanting to go back but transport and not having stable safe accommodation is really making things hard.

In the meeting the employer stated she was a good worker and he would be finding suitable accommodation for her to be able to continue work he also set a payment plan and assisted her in purchasing her first car. Rebekah has now got her logbook approved and is seeking assistance in booking her practical test for her license. AimBig and Kaela have enjoyed making a difference in Rebekah’s life and helping her breakthrough her barriers.


Rebekah’s statement of appreciation:

“ I am really thankful for this team especially Kaela for all the help they have given me and the assistance with finding work so quick and everything else.”

“Kaela, I am very thankful for everything you have done for me every time I talk to you I am a different or better person now thanks to your constant help and support.”

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