6 Job Questions Answered (2024)

Having a disability shouldn’t mean you’re excluded from the workforce. AimBig Employment helps people with disabilities find meaningful jobs.

Having a disability shouldn’t mean you’re excluded from the workforce. As a disability employment service (DES) and Workforce Australia (WFA) provider, it’s our job at AimBig Employment to help people find meaningful work.

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How does a provider help me find a job?

DES providers work closely with people with disability, health conditions or injury to prepare for work, find work and keep work. WFA providers do the same but for people who are receiving government benefits.

Our job coaches at AimBig are here to work one-on-one with you. This can include help with writing resumes, interview skills training and job skills training. We can also help jobseekers with accessing Auslan services, modifying the workplace, with on the job training and employer to co-worker communication.

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What makes me eligible for your services?

To be eligible for job seeking help with us or any other DES provider, you must:

  • have a medically diagnosed injury, illness or disability limiting your capacity to work
  • be interested in finding work for 8 hours or more per week
  • be an Australian resident aged 14 to 65 years old

To be eligible for job seeking help with a WFA provider, you must be participating in employment services, AimBig can assess your current needs to understand your eligibility and personal circumstances.

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What if I’ve never had a job before?

It’s okay if you’ve never had a job before. When you sign up with AimBig, you’re given a dedicated job coach. If you haven’t worked in a job recently, ever been employed or don’t have experience in the industry you’re interested in, our job coaches will connect you with courses or short-term work placements and training to help you gain the skills you need.

Does it matter what type of disability I have? (DES)

No, it doesn’t matter what type of disability you have in order to get a job. We will work with you to find a role that suits your interests, skills and abilities, and connect you with opportunities to gain skills or experience if you need it.

What sort of jobs are available?

We have a wide range of jobs available including baristas, gardeners, kitchen staff, admin staff, retail assistants, traffic controllers and security guards.

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How do young people with disabilities find jobs?

We help young adults and school leavers with significant disabilities, injuries or health conditions transition from school to employment.

If you’re in your final year of school, or you’re a young adult, our team will work closely with you to tailor your career pathway based on your interests, goals and skills. We’ll support you every step of the way from a comprehensive job plan to post-placement support once you find a job.

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