Twelve months on and Jacqueline is still going strong

When Jacqueline first reached out to AimBig Employment Gold Coast, she faced challenges due to her high anxiety and the resulting obstacles in her path towards securing employment. Navigating the job market seemed like an impossible task. Still, Jacqueline’s determination led her to seek the assistance of AimBig Employment Gold Coast, where she hoped to find the support she needed to overcome her difficulties.

Upon connecting with her Job Coach, Heidi, Jacqueline’s journey took a turn for the better. Heidi’s guidance and encouragement became the cornerstone of Jacqueline’s progress. As they worked closely together, Jacqueline began to see her self-assurance grow and her anxieties diminish. Heidi’s support gave Jacqueline the confidence to face interviews and potential employers.

With her confidence boosted, Jacqueline had an interview with Sunshine Frizelle Automotive and as a result, she was offered a job with a start in the next few days. She was excited, and her Job Coach took her shopping to get clothing and shoes ready for work.

Fast forward 12 months, and Jacqueline’s transformation is awe-inspiring. Her role at Sunshine Frizelle Automotive has become a source of joy and fulfilment. The supportive environment provided by her manager, Brendan, has played a pivotal role in her success. Brendan’s understanding of Jacqueline’s unique strengths and challenges due to her disabilities has fostered an inclusive and nurturing workspace where she can thrive.

If you want to unlock your potential like Jacqueline, enquire today.

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