Work Assist: Empowering employers

Australia’s Work Assist program supports both employees and employers as we become more inclusive and supportive of our workplaces. This initiative is specifically designed to provide assistance to eligible employees who face challenges fulfilling the essential requirements of their jobs due to injuries, disabilities, or health conditions.

Understanding Work Assist

Work Assist is a Federal government-funded program aimed at supporting individuals who encounter difficulties in performing their job due to a range of factors, including disabilities, injuries, or health conditions. This program operates through Disability Employment Services (DES) providers, like AimBig Employment, who collaborate with employees and employers to create a tailored support system to help keep employees in the workforce.

The benefits for employers

Work Assist can be a lifeline for employers when a valuable staff member experiences challenges in performing their duties due to a disability, injury, or health condition. Rather than losing experienced and skilled employees, employers can seek Work Assist support to retain and accommodate these employees effectively.

To be eligible for Work Assist, an employer must recognise that their employee is facing difficulties fulfilling the essential requirements of their job due to their condition. This impact must be significant enough to affect the individual’s ability to continue working. Employers can initiate the process by seeking support from Aim Big Employment.

Assessing an employee’s eligibility for Work Assist

To apply for Work Assist, an employee must meet the following requirements:

  • Be currently employed
  • Have been working in the job for at least eight hours per week on average over a consecutive 13-week period
  • AimBig Employment assesses them as having difficulty carrying out the essential requirements of their job
  • An employee must also meet the following DES eligibility requirements:
    • Be aged at least 14 years of age but have not attained Age Pension qualifying age
    • Be an Australian resident or a Temporary Protection Visa (TPV)/Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV) holder. Employees who are not permanent residents but who hold a current TPV/SHEV can access DES-Employment Support Services (ESS) Program Services. DES providers should refer to the DES Direct Registration Guidelines for further details about TPV/SHEV holders)
    • Not be studying full-time
    • Not be receiving assistance from another employment services provider.

Work Assist is a great initiative that bridges the gap between employees facing challenges due to disabilities, injuries, or health conditions and their employers while creating a more inclusive and supportive workforce for all Australians. If one of your employees meets the eligibility criteria, don’t hesitate to explore the possibilities offered by Work Assist through AimBig Employment and enquire today.

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