Why we call ourselves mental health support experts

Understanding mental health conditions as a disability employment services provider is one thing, but knowing how to cater our services to support them is another. At AimBig Employment, our team consider ourselves experts in this field, and work hard to support our case load of participants that are living with mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Ross, one of our fantastic Senior Job Coaches, details his experiences of working with a mental health case load and how our services differentiate based on the type of disabilities that our participants are living with.

“Most of my participants suffer from anxiety, stress or depression. Some have developed these issues after injury or COVID, while others have suffered from PTSD from a young age. The majority of these participants have a background highlighted by issues stemming from childhood or young adulthood.

The strategies I have put in place include referrals to Counselling and Psychologists, utilising Community Support Groups and NDIS Support companies and referring the participants to sites such as Ask Izzy. In my appointments where issues are overwhelming, I use strategies to bring participants to the ‘here and now’ scenario, and deflect them from regressing into past traumatic memories. I use a ‘What is your priority today?’ to have them focus on how they can move forward.

In many cases participants suffering from high level mental health, PTSD, Psychosis or Bipolar need to ‘feel’ the support without feeling they are being pushed into employment. The end goal remains the same, but the empathy and trust needs to be built from the start before mental health participants will listen to you and follow advice.

A couple of recent examples include James (renamed for confidentiality purposes). James was an anxiety suffering participant who after many months of patience has finally found employment. The most important aspect of working with mental health participants is making sure every individuals’ needs are catered to differently. They need to feel trust before they will fully embrace the support that I am able to offer. A different example is Brianna (renamed for confidentiality purposes). Although she has not yet found work, Brianna has accepted referral to a psychologist and is working through her barriers to ensure she is physically and mentally ready for employment.

In my experience this can only be achieved by NOT forcing job search, but highlighting programs of support to build that trust.”

When you choose AimBig Employment as your disability employment services provider, you are accessing a wealth of knowledge and resources catered to your needs.

Like the saying ‘you can’t fit a square peg in a round hole’, we will never try and fit you with a job or opportunity that you aren’t right for. We have an array of unique opportunities waiting for you, and a supportive team of job coaches ready to help today.

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