What to look for when you have a sea of resumes

Finding the right candidate in the sea of resumes can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Amidst the often lengthy, complex, and poorly worded documents, discerning employers must look beyond the surface to unearth the true potential of an applicant. The team at AimBig Employment has put together some key elements you should consider before bypassing that seemingly ordinary resume.

1. Location matters: Beyond the obvious consideration of proximity, the location on a resume can reveal some great insights. For jobs where travel and transportation are potential barriers, understanding an applicant’s location can make all the difference in attracting and retaining talent.

2. Timeframes tell a story: A glance at the duration of employment and any gaps between jobs can provide valuable context. Rather than assuming, inquire about work gaps, as there may be reasonable explanations. Understanding the length of employment stints offers a glimpse into an applicant’s work history and commitment.

3. Skill sets and transferable skills: Don’t be confined by industry-specific experience. Look for transferable skills that can be applied across sectors. Customer service, for instance, may manifest differently but holds universal value. Additionally, pay attention to “Soft Skills” such as communication and teamwork—they are often key to a successful team fit.

4. Hobbies and passions: Often overlooked but immensely revealing, an applicant’s hobbies and passions can provide a window into their personality. Being part of clubs, volunteer groups, or team sports indicates traits that contribute favourably to a workplace setting.

Navigating resumes goes beyond ticking boxes; it’s about uncovering the intangibles that make a candidate the right fit for your organisation. At AimBig Employment we encourage employers to delve deeper into resumes, recognising that the perfect candidate may not only possess the required skills but also the will and cultural fit to thrive within your team.

If you want to put the above into practice, AimBig Employment has local job-ready people with resumes, so contact us today.

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