What does Disability Employment Service do?

There are 2.1 million Australians of working age with disability. Disability Employment Services (DES) helps these people find and keep a job.

DES are experts at connecting job seekers with employers. There are two parts to the DES service: Disability Management Service and Employment Support Service.

Disability Management Service

Disability Management Service (DMS) is a free program to help people with temporary or short term illness move back into the workforce. This service is for people who are not expected to need long term support at work.

DMS can help with:

  • Finding the right job for the right employee
  • Providing short term support for employees and employers, either in the workplace or off-site
  • Providing training for employers and staff

Employment Support Service

Employment Support Services help people with permanent disability find work. It is an Australian Government Initiative for people who need regular, ongoing support in the workplace.

Together, DMS and ESS help people who:

  • are managing health issues that make it hard to find work
  • need assistance identifying their strengths and capabilities
  • require assistance developing skills for the workplace
  • need additional information and support in their new job

How does a Disability Employment Service work?

A job seeker can contact a DES provider directly, or Centrelink can assess whether a job seeker is eligible for their services and refer them.

Once contact has been made, the DES provider meets with the job seeker to assess their needs and individual circumstances. A plan is then created incorporating various support programs for the job seeker. A plan can also be created for employers who are looking to recruit new staff and accommodate people with disability.


How does DES help job seekers?

Disability Employment Services helps job seekers with:

  • writing resumes
  • interview skills training
  • job skills training

DES helps employees with disability regarding:

  • Auslan services
  • modifying the workplace
  • on the job training
  • employer and co-worker communication

How does DES help employers?

A DES representative provides employers with resumes and referees from job applicants. They will also provide information on any reasonable adjustments that may be required during an interview, and detail the support available should the person with disability become employed.

DES providers also provide advice on promoting a vacancy, shortlisting candidates and interviewing people with disability. They provide guidance on workplace arrangements, financial support, awareness and legislation.

Need help?

AimBig has a 20 year track record working with people with disability and achieving employment outcomes. We have a high performing team of allied health professionals, each with a strong focus on empowering job seekers and connecting them with the right employers.

Contact us on 1300 034 997 to find out how we can help you.


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