Wage subsidies: supporting your business in employing a person with disability

There are a range of benefits to hiring someone with disability, whereby employers can unlock a new talent pool of dedicated, hard-working individuals while gaining access to government funding for wages and workplace modifications.

At AimBig Employment, we’re helping local businesses recruit exceptional, job-ready employees. Our no-cost recruitment service means we screen, interview and support applicants to thrive in your business without the price tag. As part of this service, employers are able to access government-funded wage subsidies, with the potential to cover a portion of your new starters wages.

How does it work?

As an employer, you may be entitled to obtain wage subsidy assistance as part of hiring a person with disability for ongoing, sustainable employment. Wage subsidies look different for each participant, dependent of their individual circumstances, including the amount they earn hourly and the hours they work each week. There is also funding available to make modifications in your workplace that can accommodate your new starter, including upgrading your office accessibility or purchasing new equipment.

Three types of wage subsidy supports are available:

  • Wage Subsidy Scheme: This scheme applies to most job seekers. The minimum paid by the government is $1,650 inc.GST. This scheme is designed to encourage employers to allow new employees to demonstrate their suitability for ongoing employment
  • Restart Program: This is designed for mature-age participants, whereby employers are entitled to $10,000 inc. GST. The new employee must average at least 20 hours per week over a 6-month duration. Eligibility criteria apply.
  • Wage Start Subsidy: This is designed to assist with the initial and ongoing recruitment costs, including training and wages. Employers may access up to $6,000 inc. GST and the employee must average at least 15 hours per week over 6 months. Eligibility criteria apply.

We’re here to support you

We offer ongoing support to both employers and new starters. Our teams will maintain regular contact and assist to ensure your new starter has settled into the workplace and to answer any queries you may have.

Employers must make super contributions and pay individuals the minimum award rate and associated entitlements.

For more information about how AimBig Employment can advise on what wage subsidies might benefit your business in hiring people with disability, contact us on 1300 034 997 or enquire online.

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