Since establishing AimBig Employment, our business has been dedicated to providing disability employment services on a national level while keeping a local focus to improve the everyday lives of our people. A great initiative to achieve this vision has been the virtual language classes offered in Victoria for Vietnamese speaking individuals.

With a large population of Vietnamese speaking residents in Melbourne, our free English classes are designed to help these individuals overcome the communication barriers to upskill and secure employment. This is taught in a virtual classroom, with participants receiving a great education and support from our qualified English teacher.

We spoke to Meryana Almardini, Area Manager of Moonee Ponds, about the success she has seen with participants in this program and what exactly the program covers.

“The language classes look at topics including employment preparation such as terms used in interviews, work related works, how to present at an interview, general daily conversations, reading and writing, applying for jobs and more”.

“The aim of this program is to provide job seekers with further support and learning experience around English language and helps them interact and have conversations with employers and managers. It enhances their job searching skills online and face to face and enables them to secure suitable employment faster.”

When asked about what AimBig Employment offering language classes means to her, she highlights her positive experiences with clients receiving new skills that increases their quality of life and experiences in finding employment.

“It’s highly rewarding to see people progress and move forward with their lives professionally and personally and getting a step closer to reaching their dreams. Learning English is the number one skill to have as a newcomer to Australia, and this is exactly what AimBig Employment seeks to provide to those looking for employment that come through this program. We are offering the opportunity to enhance this skill.”

At AimBig Employment, we implement programs that are practical in upskilling job seekers to find employment. This is one of the many ways Meryana feels that AimBig Employment goes the extra mile for its clients.

“AimBig Employment always tries to think outside the box in terms of how to tailor its services to best suit the needs of our job seekers. It’s all about them, their needs and their goals, and how AimBig Employment can walk alongside job seekers to help them achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves”.

For more information on our language classes or to register for the next session, click the link below:

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