Up-Skill and Adapt To Brisbane’s Changing Workforce with SkillRestart

Today’s workforce is rapidly changing. From the introduction of innovative technology to fitting in with a modern work environment – it can leave you feeling behind the 8-ball, especially for people with disability experiencing a break in employment and mature age job seekers.

We’ve introduced our bespoke program SkillRestart to help people re-entering the workforce up-skill and adapt to the changing workforce. Specially designed for mature workers, SkillRestart is a practical, hands-on group training program where participants get up to date with new software, platforms, and devices. In addition, participants can learn to effectively work in a modern digital workplace through collaboration with real businesses, breaking down barriers to industries such as Admin and Corporate Services in work from home or office based roles.

Why is SkillRestart important?

93% of working-age people with disability who are unemployed report at least 1 difficulty finding work, compared with 83% of people without disability. Within this, 34% of people surveyed believed they lacked the necessary skills, 27% were considered too old by employers and 25% shared they had insufficient work experience. Therefore, a program that upskills mature-age people living with disability that have had a break in employment is key.

SkillRestart Brisbane

SkillRestart has recently been expanded to Brisbane with the hopes that local job seekers can benefit from the already successful program. Ella, AimBig Employment’s Training and Development Consultant, shares her excitement for the implementation of the program after playing her part in the soaring success for Sydney’s training groups.

“People with disabilities are capable of doing many things; their accumulated life experiences and skills can be valuable for business. SkillRestart supports them in building on their experience through training on modern software and programs.

Given the rapid development of technology and workforce requirements, the needs of employers and employees are changing. Through SkillRestart, employers can engage talent in a flexible manner, and people with disabilities can supporting themselves by finding a home-based, computer-based job with flexible working hours.”

Working-aged people with disability are more likely to be unemployed than those without disability. They are also more likely to be unemployed for longer.

Although there are many training programs out there for people to access when experiencing a break in employment, SkillRestart’s approach to learning is focused on providing people with disability and mature-age workers the best chance to succeed.

“There are plenty of fee-based or free courses available online, but that is not their preferred learning method for matured aged learners and people with disability that have had periods of unemployment. They prefer coming to a classroom, learning with a teacher or tutor, hanging out with classmates with similar circumstances.

I see great changes in the people we work with. Confidence levels have increased significantly, people feel less intimidated to click around and make some mistakes on the computer. For example, students who have never touched computer before can join the training online via Teams and can draft a CV for themself, and students who started the program with self-rated confidence at 3-5, then increased to 7-8, or even 9, and feel comfortable to play with those Apps.”

The SkillRestart program is tried and true, and is changing the lives of people with disability that need support in getting job-ready in the modern workforce.

Find out more about SkillRestart here: https://www.aimbigemployment.com.au/skillrestart/


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