Tips for Better Staff Engagement

It starts at the top. On a daily basis it’s important to demonstrate your practical experience and specialist expertise to all staff.

It starts at the top. On a daily basis it’s important to demonstrate your practical experience and specialist expertise to all staff. This is crucial according to Tim Eisenhauer Co-founder of Axero and contributor to Entreprenuer.com, “demonstrating the ability to “walk the walk” is the single most effective employee engagement strategy any company can deploy.” I believe that as I demonstrate the values, characteristics and behaviours I hold closely, it filters down to all management levels and other team members. This translates into the recruitment and retention of our team members who are committed and dedicated to helping the company grow.

Benjamin, Rehab Consultant in Canberra “as a Clinical Registered Nurse I have been able to use my skills in a total different way and assist a wide range of clients in achieving their return to work and rehabilitation goals. I would recommend Rehab Management to anybody looking for a challenge and way of developing themselves in an ever changing and evolving industry.”


Encouragement & Support. I think our national office distribution challenges us to make a conscious effort to include all team members, regardless of their geographic location.Support and encouragement is created through internal communications channels and platforms that recognise staff contributions. We have a focus on consistent, strategic, planned (monthly, quarterly and annually) internal communication to build a strong connection between team members despite being across multiple locations. Our internal communications channels create a sense of comradery among our staff by embracing professional and personal milestones. It is a demonstrative way to build stronger bonds and introduce our company’s culture to new employees.

Dominique, a Rehab Consultant from the Hobart officesays, “ I have found the Hobart team and Rehab Management as a whole, to be supportive and open to new ideas and innovative ways of doing things – this is not something I have experienced before in any team I have worked within. The focus in our team is one of shared ideas, working with each person’s strengths and continuous improvement but, this is done in a really positive way. We consistently achieve our goals in Hobart and feel good about coming to work, even on those tougher days.


Ruth, State Manager in WA describes there are “Great opportunities for consultants due to size and national presence. Company has a good focus on employee retention and well-being.”


Acknowledgement of Achievements. Many team members have shared RM’s journey with me over the years and their contributions have helped the company grow from one home office in 1998 to over 50 in 2016. This growth wouldn’t be possible without a high level of dedication therefore, acknowledging achievements publically and rewarding staff is essential. We do this through service reognition and having a tailored reward that is a reflection of them and genuine. Through group celebrations we can all share in the achievement and recognise the importance of one another in generating success for the company.

Michael (Head of Sales), who recently celebrated 10 years with the company, “I’ve been with Marcella since the days we were in a tiny office in Parramatta with less than 10 staff members  – now we’re a national company! This makes me feel very fortunate to be a part of this journey.”


Flexibility. Today, there is a huge emphasis on work/life balance. Gone are the days where team members are stuck in a cubicle for 8 hours, 5 days a week. At RM we recognised this trend early on and established ways to give our team members every opportunity to better serve our customers and also ensure they are equipped with the latest technology to do so. We’ve recently taken advantage of Cloud computing giving all team members the ability to work from home or at the client site. I believe this flexibility gives them better opportunities to service clients and encourages a healthy work/life balance.

Gail, from regional WA praises RM as a, “Great company with lots of resources, ideas, support and teamwork to achieve good rehab outcomes for clients.”



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