Tiffany’s Resilience Shines in Employment Success

We want to share the uplifting success story of Tiffany, a participant who has propelled from experiencing extreme adversity to securing meaningful employment.  

Fifteen years ago, Tiffany faced a life-altering event when she suffered an acquired brain injury from a fall of 15 metres in Surfers Paradise. Doctors informed her family that she might never walk or talk again. However, Tiffany defied the odds through extensive physical therapy, showcasing incredible strength and determination to reclaim her life. 

Having moved to Chinchilla over a year ago, Tiffany encountered challenges in securing and maintaining consistent employment. Recognising her potential, Job Coach Tamika embarked on a focused journey with Tiffany, addressing critical aspects of employability over a period of six weeks. 

Their collaborative efforts included intensive mock interviews and innovative interview simulations using virtual reality goggles. Tiffany worked tirelessly on crafting a new resume and developing strategies to navigate through negativity and stress during job-seeking processes. 

The culmination of these efforts led Tiffany to a job she genuinely loves at Chinchilla White Gums Motor Inn. In her role as a cleaner, Tiffany currently works 10-12 hours, with the potential for an increase in hours based on performance. While the position may not have immediately met Tiffany’s employment benchmark, the emphasis was on rebuilding her self-confidence and motivation, which had been on the decline before gaining employment. 

Tiffany’s employer praises her enthusiasm and dedication. Kathy, the owner and manager, expressed delight in having Tiffany on board, describing her as “as keen as mustard.” The positive feedback highlights the strong working relationship between Tiffany and the Motor Inn, setting the stage for a promising and mutually beneficial collaboration. 

Tiffany’s success story exemplifies AimBig Employment’s commitment to empowering individuals to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

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