It’s not always a straight path from school to work, especially for individuals living with disability. At AimBig, we acknowledge everyone’s journey is different, and work to support students to make the transition from school to work seamless and successful.

Finishing school and transitioning into the ‘real world’ can be an exciting yet intimidating experience for any school leaver, but for many people with disability, this major life change can feel even harder. Your peers around you are setting up for their next step, whether that be studying or employment, and you might be feeling a little left behind. AimBig are here to support you in your transition, putting you at the forefront of this journey to ensure your future is shaped by your passions, needs and ambitions.

So, school’s out… what’s next?

Even before school’s out, you can reach out to your local AimBig office and set up an appointment with one of our friendly job coaches. At this appointment, we can sign you up to our services. If you’re not DES eligible, our team can support you through your ESAT test and Centrelink registration.

From here, we can get an idea of who you are. We’ll chat to you about what school subjects you enjoyed, and some industries and fields you may like to try. This will build out your job plan that your job coach will guide you on.

We also offer bespoke mental health support as one of Australia’s largest Mental Health Employment Support Providers. We have in-house psychologists who can offer wellbeing and mental health services customised to your needs and have developed programs and tools such as MyDirection to prepare you in having a good state of mind for employment. In addition, we are the only DES provider in Australia to specialise in musculoskeletal disability and health and offer bespoke services to empower participants with physical disabilities.

Some of the ways we can help school leavers on their path includes education and training courses offered through accredited providers in industries such as Business, Retail, Hospitality and Customer Service. We can also provide access to qualified tutors and trainers for specific role training.

A key part of working with us is our extensive employer connections, which opens opportunities for work experience in most industries. We are also able to lend laptops and computers to help build resumes, apply for jobs and more.

Once you find employment, the support doesn’t stop. We will work with your employer to ensure your needs are met and any necessary workplace modifications are made.

We understand that this is a big step in your life, and you may be feeling concerned or anxious about finding employment. There are many benefits to gaining meaningful work, and we aim to help you discover these by training, supporting, and empowering you into employment.

Get in touch with us today and chat to our team about transitioning with AimBig from school to employment.


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Our dedicated team of job coaches understand the challenges for school leavers because we’ve many other local students in the same situation. We work with you as an individual and tailor our services to meet your needs to get you on your own personal journey to employment.

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