At AimBig, we are people-focused and determined to achieve the best outcomes for our clients. We want to use this opportunity to commend the hard work done by all of our job coaches and staff members put into their workday in and day out. Our staff’s dedication to their clients is a reason for the success of AimBig, as we are fortunate to have such a passionate team.

With so many of our clients placed in meaningful employment, we have some great success stories, and one we would like to share with the AimBig team is Dina.  

Dina came to AimBig as she was suffering with mental health issues and financial problems, whereby her role as a mature-age government contractor in administration was “mentally dilapidating”, putting pressure on her depression and anxiety. Although Dina was experienced in her line of work and employable, COVID and other factors resulted in her being out of work for 6 months. This is when Dina reached out to AimBig for help.

Dina worked with Joan Hall. Joan was able to work with Dina to understand her skills and experience, listen to her needs and find suitable employment that matched her.

Dina was then hired as an Administration Officer. Within this role, Dina will answer calls, maintain inboxes and correspondence, operates the telecommunications system, assists with onboarding and referral forms and complete other administration functions such as data entry and file audits. Dina has now been in her new job for 3 weeks now and enjoys the feeling of contributing to society again and utilising her skill set. She feels accepted and noticed, and is feeling financially secure again. She loves working as “the people are compassionate and understanding, my colleagues are fair and very helpful, respectful and definitely diverse”.

We asked Dina how AimBig has changed her life.

“AimBig has changed my life as I have gained job security and am part of society again. I thank AimBig for the help and support, and there should be more consultants like Joan in HR areas’ as she understands and listens to the mature person who has the skills and years of experience, and I am sure she is a good mentor for the younger generation.  I think that AimBig should be the Human Resource sector for all Government departments.”

Through using AimBig to find employment, Dina has seen great improvements in her financial and mental well-being, noticing she is less depressed and enjoying her life

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