Stephen Jordan – Work Life Balance

At the foundation of AimBig is our people-centric mindset, where we strive to support not just our clients, but also our dynamic group of employees. We have a range of initiatives to improve the wellbeing of our staff, including YouDays, flexible working conditions, and many more perks to ensure work and life balance.

These initiatives support the likes of Stephen Jordan, Area Manager, of our Coffs Harbour Office. Over the last 6 months, Stephen has been moving to a new house from Brisbane to Coffs Harbour and supporting his wife and three children.

For Stephen, working flexibly means that he works 3 days in the office a week and remote working the other two.

“When I originally interviewed for the role at AimBig, I was asked what I needed to feel supported in my role. When this turned into a transition from Brisbane to Coffs Harbour, the support was even more so there, with regular wellbeing check-ins from my manager Amy Osborne and ongoing support from General Manager Terry Wilson.”

Stephen chose a career in disability employment after sustaining serious injuries from a car accident, where he decided to make a career change and moved into a role where he could help make a difference in people’s lives.

“I love working for AimBig Employment as everyone, especially the leadership team, want to make a difference in the community and follow through with their actions. Too often companies talk about making a difference but offer little in return, and AimBig not only promised to make a difference but have followed through and strived to change the lives of the clients we interact with”.

Stephen asserts that the passion for people at AimBig is beyond the work they do for clients and is seen through programs and initiatives for staff wellness.

“From day 1, it was always ‘How can I support you’, whether that was helping with induction, upskilling and continuous training or just a day off to support my family. The team at AimBig have always followed through and held true to their word on support, which has made a huge impact on me coming into the group, and beyond what previous employers have offered”.

“The work-life balance is promised at every company, but the leadership team at AimBig are active in promoting it to its team members. I’ve used the opportunity to work flexibly even before the big move, as I have a child with special needs, so having the kind of relationship where I can be candid with my manager and take occasional time off to help my wife look after my child is amazing”.

In finding the right work-life balance, Stephen acknowledges that an open, honest conversation with your manager about your needs and commitments is the best method”.

As a leader, I want to build a rapport with my staff where they feel open and comfortable to confide in me and approach me when they need to rebalance their life or have time off. I have that with Terry and Amy, and that level of trust, respect, and openness to approach them without fear of judgment has helped me find work-life balance”.


We offer flexible working conditions and other staff incentives so that our team members thrive in their roles. We are a business that cares about the wellbeing of our staff, and providing ongoing support is one of the many reasons that team members like Stephen enjoy working for AimBig.

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