Silvio’s Triumph: Overcoming Mental Health Barriers

Silvio’s journey with AimBig Employment stands as a testament to overcoming the challenges of bipolar disorder, severe anxiety, and depression. Past experiences with another agency had left him wary of seeking help. However, with the unwavering support of Trish, the current manager at Glenroy AimBig, and the ongoing assistance from the program, Silvio has not only secured stable employment but has thrived in his role.

Trish, recognising the complexity of Silvio’s mental health barriers, dedicated herself to building trust and rapport. Together, they meticulously worked through the hurdles that had hindered Silvio’s ability to find and maintain suitable employment in the past. Trust, a fragile commodity for Silvio, gradually grew under Trish’s guidance.

Silvio’s job, cleaning BBQs, toilets, and parks, provides him with a sense of purpose and structure. With three shifts per week and the autonomy to work alone, Silvio has found a supportive environment that caters to his unique needs. The early morning starts, and solitary work contribute to alleviating the anxiety that once threatened to overpower him.

Completing an impressive 52 weeks of employment, Silvio’s commitment is a testament to the effectiveness of AimBig’s comprehensive approach. Even when Silvio faced a critical moment where his anxiety nearly cost him his job, the collaborative efforts of his general practitioner, employer, and the ongoing support program intervened, ensuring that Silvio could continue to thrive in his role.

Michelle, in regular contact with Silvio’s employer, serves as a bridge between Silvio’s needs and the workplace. This open line of communication has proven instrumental, allowing any challenges that arise to be promptly addressed. Silvio’s employer recognises him as a valuable asset, acknowledging his work ethic and understanding the ongoing support system in place to navigate potential hurdles.

Silvio’s triumph over mental health barriers stands as a testament to the transformative power of AimBig Employment’s commitment to individualised support. Through perseverance, trust-building, and ongoing assistance, Silvio not only secured meaningful employment but also found a workplace where he can contribute and thrive despite the challenges he faces. His story exemplifies the potential for individuals with mental health barriers to lead fulfilling and productive lives with the right support system in place.

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