With AimBig, you get one of the largest mental health employment support specialist within the Government’s Disability Employment Services (DES) program. Now, that’s big.

In fact, since 1998, our group has provided employment for over 15,000 people with mental illness and co-existing physical conditions by focusing purely on the individual. Our 360° philosophy revolves around all aspects of life, its unique challenges, and its barriers, seen and unseen.

Through our personalised Work Wellness sessions for workforce reintegration and wellbeing support, our health specialist job coaches and psychologists will:

  • Build your confidence, resilience and routine
  • Help you develop better relationships
  • Improve the tasks and activities of daily living
  • Attend appointments, social functions and community activities

As an industry signatory to the Australasian Consensus for the Health Benefits of Good Work, we understand the pivotal role employment plays in mental health management while living with a disability, illness or health condition.

Focused on mental health and wellbeing

Looking for a new DES provider who really understands you?

mental health

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