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I never wanted to be seen as different.

Sarah 20 – Australian Paralympian

My name is Sarah and I was born with a condition called fibular hemimelia.

I always loved sport and I never wanted to be seen as any different from any other kid in my class at school – so I always got out there and gave everything a go.

I may not have been as good or as fast as the other kids, but I just loved being out there and doing things just like they would.

At RIO in 2016 I came 6th in the world.

Just to be out there and competing against the best girls in the world is amazing and that day I didn’t need to win gold – I won the world by just being there and competing.

I guess there’s not many people out there that would think so much of a 10 year old girl with 1 leg running around on an athletics track.

So it’s pretty amazing to have all these people believe in you every day and support you on your journey.

Just like my athletics coaches, job coaches are really helping in finding ways to transition from work and study, mapping out strategies and providing much needed pep talks along the way.

Be the big with inspirational coaching, motivation and ideas from AimBig.

Bigger than employment.

Specialising in musculoskeletal health and visable disability

For more than 20 years, our group has offered employment services for those with physical disability and co-existing health conditions. We’ve also applied human-centric thinking to hone in on individual needs, tailored services, and meaningful work.

Alongside our in-house allied health team, our physical disability specialist job coaches support you with exercise-based functional upgrading assistance and physical wellness regimes to:


Build your mobility, stamina and confidence


Determine potential equipment needs/workplace modification


Improve the physical tasks and activities of daily living


Educate you on pain management and practical goals for workplace reintegration

As an industry signatory to the Australasian Consensus for the Health Benefits of Good Work, we understand the pivotal role employment plays in physical health management while living with a disability, illness or health condition.

By focusing on getting you job ready and reaching your employment goals, our group provides you with a personalised service and allied health expertise to ensure your job plan is tailored to your individual needs.

Be the Big – with inspirational coaching, motivation and ideas from AimBig. Bigger than employment.

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