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Even in Coronatimes, amidst social isolation practices and half-bare supermarket shelves, we’re still helping our clients on their journey to recovery.

Our business has people at its heart, and although we’re all experiencing challenging times right now, we’re finding ways to provide a normal, exceptional service for our clients.

Everyone deserves access to vital, equitable and affordable health and employment services, whether they live in a city region or a remote area. The good news is that RMReach, the videoconferencing solution now available to AimBig, is now proving essential during this COVID-19 pandemic that’s hit our nation.

RMReach is a ground-breaking example of innovation in action to resolve problems of distance and isolation for our job seekers and employers.

How we’re using RMReach

The Arriba Group has implemented a simple triage process to reduce face-to-face contact with individuals who may be at risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus.

For all new and existing job seekers, we ask the following five questions before meeting:

  1. Have you been in contact with a friend/family member who has a suspected case of Coronavirus?
  2. Have you travelled to South Korea, Mainland China, Mongolia, Iran, Italy, Spain or Japan in the past six weeks?
  3. Have any family members travelled to South Korea, Mainland China, Mongolia, Iran, Italy, Spain or Japan in the past six weeks?
  4. Are you currently unwell?
  5. Have you been in contact with a friend/family member who has been placed into self-isolation/quarantine?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, we will postpone the session and advise the person to seek medical advice.

If the answer to all questions is no, we will choose between a normal face-to-face session, or run the session through our RMReach platform.

Our clients and staff find RMReach to be efficient and easy to use, with better contact and communication made possible, resulting in much better outcomes for those with disabilities looking for help finding a job.

The Arriba Group is being proactive where possible

We have taken a proactive approach to managing the impact of the Coronavirus internally, with a host of communications and practical activities to inform staff and clients and adjust our way of doing business across Australia.

We have a regular Coronavirus impact bulletin for staff, and a specially created Senior Response Team meets daily in Sydney’s head office. All national offices display Department of Health posters explaining signs and symptoms of the virus and recommended social and hygiene behaviours.

“If any staff have recently returned from overseas, or are intending to travel overseas, they are required to self-isolate for 14 days on their return,” says Marcella.

“We have suspended all domestic business travel for Arriba staff members, and we have cancelled all business-related group events greater than 10 people.”

Any Arriba staff who present as unwell are required to stay at home.

“On Monday 16 March we rolled out our mandatory staff wellbeing digital surveys twice weekly to track how people are feeling and to help us identify any issues early,” explains Marcella. 

“We’re also encouraging staff to maintain social distancing by keeping 1.5m away from each other.”

The Arriba Group has a long history of flexible work practices, such as staff working remotely or from home, made possible by using the latest technology and smart apps. This is proving especially helpful during this time of national crisis.

It matters more than ever that, no matter where they live, Australians can access professional support. We’re here for our clients, via phone, email or RMReach.

Need help?

Contact us on 1300 034 997 to find out how we can help.


People are at the centre of our business

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