Queensland Transition to Adulthood Month

The month of November is Transition to Adulthood Month (T2A Month) in Queensland. T2A Month highlights the needs of young people as they make the journey from the child protection system to adulthood, experiencing positive life outcomes along the way. To gain insight on the journeys of participants who are currently or have previously transitioned into adulthood, we spoke to Job Coach Robert Turnbull about our job coaches roles in this major life change.

Robert Turnbull has worked in employment services for over 7 years, and has a passion for helping others and achieving positive outcomes. For Robert, around 20% of his caseload is youth aged between 18-24. Although not all participants are transitioning from care services, every individual leaving from school or child protection systems faces barriers to employment.

“For AimBig Employment participants transitioning to adulthood, they need support in a variety of areas. These include mentoring, guidance, assistance with resumes, cover letters, interview practice. I try to provide opportunities to employment, not only providing career prospects but supporting them during the transition into adulthood. For many youth it is very daunting and nerve racking entering the workforce, so I try to reassure them that with AimBig Employment support they can achieve their goals.”

Although Transition to Adulthood Month is about the young adults in general, our support services are tailored to help people with disability succeed and there are a variety of pathways for participants to head down.

“There are so many different opportunities available for young adults. As a result of the pandemic,  there has been a huge shift in recruitment and the labour market. Employers are flexible, understanding and offer opportunities for those willing to give it a go. The job coaches at AimBig Employment have connections in the local community, so we can match you to a workplace that suits your needs. For those who choose the study pathway, there is access to funding to complete courses and certificates, and we can offer additional support to assist you with your studies. Another great experience is volunteering which the AimBig Employment team can organise to get you more confident and familiar in a work environment.”

Our team attended the 2021 Transition to Adulthood event, where our job coaches were able to speak to people transitioning to adulthood and looking for what their next steps would be.

“The event was a collaboration even between YETI, Youthlink and CREATE Foundation. They are great organisations who provide support, advice, advocacy to young people in the Cairns region. Our AimBig Employment team was invited to the event to provide information about our services, giving us an opportunity to talk with youth and answer any questions they have. I have been successful with assisting some young people into employment and it is really rewarding and a blessing to be a part of their transition.”

More About Transition to Adulthood Month

Transition to Adulthood (T2A) Month is held in November each year. T2A Month highlights the needs of young people as they make the journey from the child protection system to adulthood, experiencing positive life outcomes along the way. In this transition to adulthood, young people with disability may need extra support to secure employment.

AimBig Employment can provide support and guidance to assist with young adults transition to adulthood, whether you are leaving from a care facility, finishing school, or looking to define your path. Our collaboration with a range of organisations means we can provide a holistic approach and center our services around the people we support.

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