Putting Care First at the Inala Office

For the job coaches that support our participants in finding employment, we know that a shared passion for helping others is what motivates them to come to work each day. Whether it be connecting a job seeker to employment, running a mock interview or even a supportive chat, our job coaches apply care and empathy to provide all job seekers with equal opportunities.

One way that local job coach Sarah has given opportunity to job seekers who may need a little extra help to get by is by setting up a ‘Self Care Shelf’ at the Inala office.

The ‘Self Care Shelf’ is used to assist participants who may be having a tough time and are not able to afford essential items such as toiletries, non-perishable food items, shoes, socks and more. We spoke to Sarah about the motive behind setting up a free shelf for participants to access.

“The reason we decided to introduce a self-care shelf is because sometimes, people cannot afford the basic needs to prepare themselves for a job interview or general everyday personal care. I also believe that no one should ever go hungry no matter what their situation is.

Helping people is my passion, if I can make just one person smile per day, it makes my heart sing!”

As the people we support are on their journey to employment, it is important that they are well groomed and have access to personal hygiene items to feel confident and make a great first impression with potential employers.

For job coaches like Sarah, treating people with disability that come through the AimBig Employment doors with dignity and respect is key.

“I think it’s really important that we understand that each person has their own story. Regardless of their backgrounds or current situations, everyone deserves to feel appreciated, loved, and free from judgement.

Everyone deserves a warm bed to sleep in, clean clothes and a warm meal. And if we as an organisation can contribute to even one of those things, I believe we can make a change” concludes Sarah.

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