People want to work with CSR focused companies

Today, employees aren’t willing to settle for employers who don’t meet their standards...

Today, employees aren’t willing to settle for employers who don’t meet their standards. Years ago these standards were about leave entitlements, remuneration or employee perks. Today’s standards however, are based on values.

According to a Deloitte survey earlier this year, employees between the ages of 22 and 37 plan to leave their current jobs because they don’t align with their employer’s ethics.

The survey, which examined attitudes of over 12,000 people, found that less than half of respondents (48 percent) believed corporations behaved ethically, with 75 percent surmising that businesses focused on their own agendas ahead of the implications on wider society. And, nearly 40 percent claimed business leaders were actually having a negative impact on the world.

People want to work for companies that have strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) frameworks. At Rehab Management and AimBig Employment this is vital to our company culture, not just for the sake of employee retention, but as business who are driven by our dedication to all people.

As part of our annual Christmas appeal this year, Rehab Management and AimBig Employment are partnering with Pinchapoo. Pinchapoo started a worldwide pinching movement. They encourage people to pinch the toiletries and products found in hotels and on airplanes that would otherwise go to waste.

These products are then redistributed through various charities to millions of Australians who so often go without basic hygiene essentials. The festive season brings teams together to celebrate achievements, to share our appreciation for each other and to look forward to the opportunities waiting for us in the New Year.

What really makes this time of year special though, is seeing our teams come together and do work outside of their job description that benefit the broader community.

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