Our Flexible Working Arrangements – Paws Leave

Within the Arriba Group, our employees are given flexible working arrangements in order to reflect their busy lifestyles outside of their work schedule.

Paws leave is a day dedicated to our pets. Whether you are bringing a pet home for the first time or looking after your pet when it is sick, this day of extra leave is given to focus on your furry friend.

Driven by People Passion, within the Arriba Group we strive to focus on our people, committing to a healthy work-life balance for all.

Paws Leave is just one example of how our employees are given the opportunity to focus on themselves and their life outside of work, to ensure that our staff are committing to this healthy balance. This day helps to minimize any stress related issues or concerns outside of work that could possibly become harmful towards the mental health of our staff.

Deborah Shand is one of our staff members who has utilised her Paws Leave.

Deborah posts, ‘I work for Rehab Management and we have Paws Leave. It’s a day of paid leave to pick up a furry (or feathered, or scaled) addition to your family, or have a day off to care for them. As a new Paw-rent, I really appreciate this. One of Rehab Management’s values is People, and this is an example of how we live and breathe it!’

If you are looking to work for an organization that puts their people first, go ahead and check out our careers page to find out more about our extensive employee benefits!

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